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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Conditions of Use and Service

Warning: Before you use this site to read these conditions. Your use of this site means you accept these conditions. In case of disagreement with these terms, do not use this site.



Using the site

Project (hereinafter - just allows you to view and download material from this site (hereinafter «Site») only for personal noncommercial use, provided you preserve all information about copyright and Other details about the ownership of raw materials and any copies of them. Do not modify any of the materials of this site, as well as play, put on public display, display, distribute or use them in any other way for public or commercial purposes. Any use of these materials on other sites or in computer networks is prohibited. The materials on this Site are copyrighted and any unauthorized use can lead to a violation of copyright law, trademark and other laws. If you violate any of these conditions you are automatically disqualified from the use of the site and must immediately destroy all materials that had been downloaded from this site or printed.




The materials (including software) and services of this site are provided «as is», without any guarantees, including guarantees of marketability, fitness for a particular purpose and a lack of infringement of intellectual property. Commitments regarding their products and services are only agreements under which they are granted, and no details of the sites can not be interpreted as abolishing such agreements. in the future does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of materials, programs and services provided at this site. at any time without notice may make changes in materials and services provided at this site, as well as referred to in these products and prices. In the case of obsolescence of products and services at this site are not obliged to update them. The information on this site may refer to products, programs and services not available in your country. Contact your local representative, to see which products, programs and services can be provided to you. Local laws may prohibit the exclusion of implied warranties, so these exclusions may not apply to you.



Responsibility, its suppliers and other parties mentioned on this site, under no circumstances be held liable for any damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, data or business interruption) arising use, or inability to use the results of using this site, any sites that have links to this site, or materials, information or services provided at any of these sites, to guarantee the contract, a civil suit or any other legal document, and regardless of whether advised of the possibility of such damages. If as a result of your use of materials, information or services from this site there is a need for maintenance, repair or correction of equipment or data, you assume all associated costs. Local law may not allow the exclusion or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations may not apply to you.



Using software

All software (hereinafter «software»), which can be downloaded from this site is the product of and / or its suppliers and is protected by copyright. The use of the software license agreement defines the terms (if any), which comes with the software or be listed (hereinafter «License Agreement»). Not allowed to download or install any software that is accompanied by a license agreement or include it in themselves, without being aware of the terms of the license agreement and not taking them. Playback and re-distribute this software, except as described in the license agreement, is prohibited.



For information about users does not use this site to receive confidential or personal information about users. Any material, information and other information (hereinafter «details»), who transferred to this Site will be considered non-confidential and do not contain personal information. does not accept any liability in connection with this information. and its employees are free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate in other products and other ways to use this information as well as all of their data, images, sounds, text, etc. in any business and non-commercial purposes. Rules of the information that I can identify your identity, reported for the purpose of obtaining products or services described in the "Declaration on the Protection of Privacy". Forbidden to place and upload to the site and from the site of any material unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, pornographic or any other nature that might upset the applicable law.



Forums and chat users may, but is not obliged to monitor and record all areas of the Site where users put their information or communicate with each other, including but not limited to chat rooms, bulletin boards and other forums, as well as watch the content of such information. But is not responsible for the content of this information, even if they contain punishable by law, a violation of copyright or confidentiality, as well as libelous, obscene and other illegal information. reserves the right to delete messages that contain material that is the opinion of offensive, indecent or is otherwise objectionable.



Links to sites of other companies

The transition for any of these links you will leave this Site. does not check all the sites of other companies that do not manage and is not responsible for these sites and their contents. The not expressed its approval and did not give any estimates of those sites or information, software and other products, there are, as well as the possible results of their use. The use of websites of other companies that have links at this site, the entire responsibility on you.



Placing links on this site

You can organize your links to this site from other sites, but doing so should be in strict accordance with section "Rules for posting links to" contained in this document and all norms of legislation.



Trademarks, and all product names that are mentioned on this site are trademarks and / or service marks or registered trademarks and / or service marks and / or its subsidiaries.


Other product and company names mentioned in this document may be trademarks and / or service marks their respective owners.



General Provisions manages the site from offices in Moscow. are not states that materials or services available at this site, suitable for use, or can be obtained from outside Russia, and access them from regions where their contents are contrary to local laws is prohibited. Not allowed to use, export or re-export of materials and services of this Site (as well as any copies and versions), which would be contrary to relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to export laws and regulations of Russia. If you are requesting to this site, outside Russia, you do so at their own initiative and responsibility for compliance with local laws rests entirely on you. These Conditions are subject to the legislation of the Russian Federation and, where appropriate, the Russian Federation and legislation must be interpreted in accordance with them; competition law does not apply. may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this document. Users should periodically visit this page and get acquainted with the latest version of the Terms, because they regulate the relationship between users and a Some of the conditions of these rules may be waived by special conditions of use or legal observations based on certain pages of this site.



Rules for posting links to the site of

The site, which posted links to the site, should observe the following rules:

  • You can create links to information, but it can not reproduce.
  • Around the information content of can not create the environment of the browser or other programs.
  • You can not create the impression that the maintains a site owner or endorsed its products.
  • The owner of the site should not represent their relationship with misrepresented.
  • You can not give out false information about products and services
  • You can not use the logo, its affiliated Web sites and software products without its permission.
  • You can not post information that could be considered unpleasant, offensive, controversial or contain age restrictions.

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