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Conditions of Use and Service

Conditions of Use and Service


Privacy Policy

Project (hereinafter - just and its subsidiaries and afillirovannye websites respect your right to privacy and seeking to promote its conservation. This Statement of Privacy inform users about our privacy policy and how to implement it, as well as questions about how they can choose their ways of gathering information on the Internet and its use. The structure of our sites is that you can visit them without having to identify themselves or disclose any personal information. This message is posted on our homepage and at the bottom of each page at all sites



The sites for which there is a statement of confidentiality

This Statement of Privacy applies to all Web sites and domains, as well as for all subordinate objects in the indivisible property of



Links to websites of other companies

For convenience and to improve the awareness of users on the Web sites of can be posted links to other companies. The transition for any of these links you leave the site does not control any of these sites and no control over their practices to ensure confidentiality, which may differ from the sites of the We do not give any estimates and do not make statements about the websites of other companies. Personal information that you share with other companies are not subject to the privacy statements of the Recommended acquainted with the policy of protecting the confidentiality of other companies before they report information about themselves. Some companies may report their own personal information of users, in this case, the principle of confidentiality made in these companies.


Types of information collected

This Statement of Privacy determines the rules of personal data, non-personal information and how these aggregate data on the basis of both types.


Personal data - the information associated with your name or information on which to establish your identity. uses this information to better imagine your needs and interests and improve the quality of service. If you decide to inform us of a personal nature, can be confident that they will use for the provision of services. We appreciate the confidence in us. no one will sell your personal data or donate them to rent or lease.


At some sites, you can place your order for products or services, request information, subscribe to commercial material, or material support services, to register themselves or to register their products or apply for a job in our company. To do so may be required to provide us with personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, user names and passwords on the accounts and transactions, credit card information, education and work experience, as well as the preference in hiring.


To set up web sites, services and other means of communication in accordance with the preferences of the user and improve the quality of products and services, we may ask you to provide information about their personal or professional interests, to provide their demographic data and the degree of familiarity with our products and services. Communicate this information is optional.


Non-personal information - this would be the use of various services and work with them, not tied to a specific person. collects and processes information, non-personal, to see how visitors use its Web site. These details may include lists of pages that were visited sites, unique URL domains, which documented the treatment, browser type and IP-address. Most non-personal information collected through the files "cookie" or other technology analysis. The web pages in the domains used files "cookie", web beacons and other technologies to analyze data and perform settings in accordance with the preferences of users. also places ads on other sites, which can use Newsletter files "cookie".



Confidentiality of information about children seriously the protection of information about children, and we strongly recommend that parents and guardians to participate actively in their children on the Internet and know their interests in this area. does not collect information from children under 13 years old, and not directing the content of their Web sites for children under that age.



How do we use your information uses personal data to provide services and to become more aware of the needs and interests of their clients. In particular, we use this information to help you carry out banking transactions or to make reservations to communicate with you, provide services and technical support, notify you of changes in the services and profitable innovations, as well as customize the delivery of promotional offers and the type of sites according to your preferences. Periodically, this information may be used to communicate with you in order to conduct marketing studies on its products and services. Information on the credit card used only for the processing of payments and protect against fraud. Suppliers of financial services and do not use this information for any other purpose; the service after the data are removed, unless you specifically ask to keep the credit card information for future purchases.


Personal information collected via the Internet, can be combined with information you give other ways: product registration, while calls to specialized centers or activities for the general public (for example, the goods or Demonstration seminars).


Made personal information may be transferred to its offices in other regions and countries to unite and unify the data and simplify the management of information about users.


For information, non-personal data is collected statistics on the use of web sites, their productivity and efficiency. They are used to improve customer service, simplify work with the website and improve its products.



Who gets access to your information no one will sell your personal data or donate them to rent or lease. will transfer your personal information to other companies only if it is necessary to provide the requested your products or services. When sending your information to you ask for permission. transmits customer business units owned by, and companies working on behalf of the, but only as described above in "How we use your information." concludes with the companies - providers and service providers - an agreement on the delivery of fully finished products, services and solutions that are described in the section entitled "How we use your information." Suppliers and service providers are obliged to keep confidential the information received on behalf of, and should use it only to perform the work assigned to them These service providers are subject to change, in addition to the maximum to satisfy client needs, we can enter into agreements with additional service providers. will not be without your permission to transfer personal information to other companies, except when it is required to meet the requirements of the law, the court or the local judicial authorities. and its units may be combined with other commercial entities or may be purchased by them, or can be purchased all or some of the assets of and its subsidiaries. In the event of such a merger or acquisition of a will make every reasonable effort to notify you whether the to the other side of all your personal information or her part to continue your service.



Freedom of choice gives you the opportunity to receive a variety of information is in addition to its products and services. You can subscribe to information on specific products and services, and marketing information for the entire Marketing Information may include information about new products, special offers or invitations to participate in marketing research. In your choice of marketing materials can be delivered by mail, e-mail and telephone. We will do our utmost to fulfill your wishes. This option does not apply to information on the implementation of orders, contracts, technical support, notification of security issues for products and update drivers.



Setting the level of confidentiality and denial of service

Services provided without a subscription: will use your personal information only for the purpose specified in the provision of data. For example, will not use this information to send you special offers, product information and marketing messages. But you can agree to receive this kind of information provided without subscription.


Services provided by subscription:

To opt out of receiving the materials on which you signed up themselves (such as electronic newsletters, software updates, etc.) to open the link "Subscribe" at the site of and follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe, which is all subscription materials.



Your information and other company

Some associated with the services provided by outside companies, while it is possible for users to allow the transfer of personal data as the, and the organization. For example, on one Web page,, you can register the software several suppliers to order materials partners marketing or technological solutions, or make a booking via the trade facilitator. Without your permission will not pass your personal information to such third-party companies.



Access to your information and its accuracy seeks to ensure the accuracy of your information. To ensure the accuracy of data about customers use certain technology, management processes and rules. You will have access to your information, including every effort would be made to provide you the opportunity to access data and modify them over the Internet. To protect your privacy and ensure security, also doing everything possible to authenticate your identity, for example, to access requires a password and user ID. Using passwords and other ways to confirm the identity of the may limit access to certain Web pages to your site.



Securing information cares about the protection of information that you provide. To prevent unauthorized access to your information or its disclosure, to ensure its accuracy and proper use of uses the appropriate physical and administrative procedures.


When the collection and transmission is strictly confidential data (such as credit card information) we use encryption technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL encryption standard used to read the information could not have no one but us. If the bottom of your browser window is closed or the clau image of the castle (depending on the type of browser), which means that on this page is the measure of security.


Credit card numbers are used only for payment transactions - and with any other purpose. does not receive credit card numbers, as well as the processing of the services performed by special banking services agreement with the These services provide you and the additional protection against credit card fraud and helping to ensure the safety of your financial data.



Changing this statement

If this Statement of Privacy will be changes, they will be published online and updated this document will change to a new one. Thus, you will always know what information we collect, how it is used, and what opportunities you have. If this statement will be significant changes, notify all users, whom they affect.



How to Contact Us

Your opinion is of great value to us. If you wish to speak on our policies to ensure confidentiality, write in to support

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