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Why is that?

We have dispute.


One side of the dispute - the people who do not believe in force inernet technologies. Which are far from the reality of the Internet.


But the Internet is driven world! Just a few years we will not go to the store, and all that we need, we will book through a powerful network!


The other side - more than 15 years engaged in Internet projects, web design, web sites, their promotion, and advertising.


Curiously, as many people to shop online stores, pay a lot of services to their credit cards to buy things on the market ... Is it a pity to spend an extra $1?... This is a trifle! Buying goods over $100, what difference to the buyer as to whether this product cost $100, or $101?... None!


Therefore, was invented by the project. It is based on curiosity: but whether through Internet technology, «just», to collect a large sum of money?


We are sure - yes!


The modern world is driven by advertising. No matter how good the product, how well the service. Importantly only one - as project popular. That is what we are doing. We advertise a project, and all the money spend on advertising this site!





This project is unique. We do not make profits - we spend enormous, earned the project amounts to "push" Web site to further his popularity.


The principle is very simple: All that brings the Web site, is spent to increase the popularity of the Web site - on search engine advertising, "promotion" in the Internet environment, and so on. You can see full  statistics cost of project:


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In gratitude for your payment, we are willing to publish any message you up to advertise (by the way, it can significantly increase the citation index your site!).

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